BioX Food Fab: Liquid Deposition Modelling 3D-Food Printer (Team)

Food Fab is food printer for customizing cookie cake and dishes using sweets materials in both 2d and 3d form. User can drawline, custom text, and select shapes through the Food Fab web-applications.

Food Fab: Food Printing Technology

The based technology have both printer side and software side.

First, printer can fuse the liquid food materials on the plate (liquid deposition modelling technique). The printer accept raw material in range of low-viscous formable liquid to very high viscosity material, for example, flood royal icing to very thick royal icing. The food could be created in various style depend on inserted model shape.
Food Printing decorate Christmas cake!

Second, software contain 3 web-applications: TextFab, ShapeFab and DrawFab, which are developed by BioX Apps team. The other one is SlicerBurger tool, web-based food g-code generator for food 3d-printer. User can upload the 3d-model, config raw materials, generate food g-code into file, then insert into food 3d-printer.


Food fab is support wide-range of liquid viscous materials. Both materials are edible and non-edible!

Edible Materials: royal icing, butter-cream, cookie dough, fondant, sauce.
Non-Edible Materials: mixed-ceramic, cray

Market Research

This project is team project, Tawan are project leader and co-founder. This project have validated that it necessary for users who need to decorate complex shape of desserts.


Co-Research withMaking Food With Mind: Connecting Food 3D-Printer With Brain Computer Interface (Freak Lab, KMUTT Jan 2018).
 Pitching invitation (from Mith Phol Company) at Techsauce Global Submit 2017, Centara Grand, BKK (August 2017)
 Exhibition: ADM symposium, School of Arts, Design, and Media – NTU, Singapore. (June 2017)
 Valentines Event “Love Bite, FabCafe x BioX Food Fab” – FabCafe Bangkok. (Febuary 2017)
 National Patent pending: 1601005808 – “Process of 3d-printing Alua and Cookie using 3D-Printing Process.”
Finalist: KMUTT Hatch Challenge, pitching in Startup Thailand 2016 (April 2016)


BioX Food Fab & BioX Jube team.