Lean Extruder v1 – Small extruder for plastic garbage recycling into 3d-printing filament. – 2015

Lean Extruder is small extruder which it remelt plastic produce plastic filament for 3d-printer. It inspired from distributed manufacturing philosophy*. This extruder could achieve a concept of a micro-plastic-extruder when compare its size with industrial plastic extruder.

Lean Extruder v2 developed by Nueng Sakchai

The machine consist of metal tube with screw inside. The tube mount with heater which it is the main heat source for melting plastic. The other heat source is from friction between screw and plastic while melting process. The plastic could produce filament 1.75 mm +- 0.1 mm. For future improvement, the controller must control heat, filament feed rate, cooling capacity. Those parameters would win perfect micro-scale plastic extruder.

3D-Printed KMUTT logo using PE filament from Lean Extruder v2

* Distributed Manufacturing: To manufacture product in micro-scale rather than conventional industrial scale to reduce cost of transportation. It benefit for customized product manufacturing best fit to user needs uniquely.


Tawan Thintawornkul : Lean Extruder v1
Nueng Sakchai : Lean Extruder v2