MicroFABB, large-volume low-cost delta 3d-printer (2017)

MicroFABB is large-volume low-cost delta 3d-printer. It designed to serve large-scale object printing while spend low costs for it operation and material (but lower-resolution than desktop FDM 3d-printer).

Frame Construction

The printer frame constructed from thick retangular beam. Each main component fabricated using weldment method. The reference area are machined using a meter-size CNC router create more resolution for salvage-like structure. Then each component assembled into large-scale 3d-printer.

Motion System Components

The motion components of each axis are unique. It contain stepper motor and transmission components in one package. Motor rotate pinion move along a meter 3d-printed rack gear.The gear are almost 3d-printed parts. With PETG, the component could resist the stress from movement while moving on the platform.

The controller use open-source Ramp 1.4 board. Firmware, which control printer operation, is modified from Marlin firmware fit into printer size and component.

First Test

After test the printer, it achieve printable goal but in low-resolution. This printer is suitable for forming raft low-cost structure. When recycled-filament is insert, it could achieve cost effective goal for large model!